The Twelve Days of Jack

So.  October 2008, my husband and I welcomed a little bambino.  Because of the timing, we got a ton of Christmas baby stuff…booties, hats, PJs, bibs–you name it.  So the hubmeister and I came up with a way to showcase our little man in all his winnings but not put him through 500 clothing changes in the one day that is Christmas.  Our solution?  The Twelve Days of Jack (that’s his name hahaha)!

This is the way The Twelve Days of Jack worked:  In the 12 days leading up to Christmas day, we would dress him up in his Christmas socks or his Christmas bib or what have you.  Then we would upload that pic to Totspot which is a Facebook type of thing for babies. It’s fabulous–all your relatives and friends sign up to be your kiddo’s friend and then you upload your journal entry, picture or video ONCE and it sends out a link to everybody he’s friends with.  Each day SOMEONE gets to relish in the fact that their Christmas themed present was showcased AND your kiddo doesn’t have to endure the revolving dressing room door.  It’s definitely a WIN WIN.

We got TONS of applause for this idea from the fam–everyone was anticipating the next day, excited to see what Jack would have on the next day.  So go forth and gear up for your Twelve Days!


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