Hump Day Happy Hour: Merry Christmas Punch

We all know that the holidays really translates into a really good excuse to get yo’ drank  on with close family and friends, right?  So here’s another option for spiking the punchbowl.


  1. 1 bottle raspberry vodka
  2. 72 ounces cranberry juice
  3. 1/2 bottle Absolut vodka
  4. 1 can Sprite soda


Pour all ingredients (chilled beforehand) into a large container or punch bowl filled with ice.   I think some of these Green Ice Lites would be a great substitution for ice cubes, just sayin’.  Allow to chill.  Serve in punch cups or tall glasses.  Maybe something like these would be fun!


  1. I love me a cape cod; this takes it up a notch! If someone handed me this, I would partake.

  2. @Jwo me too 🙂

  3. Count me in! :))