Give Me a Wedge(e)!

Get it?   HAHAHA.  I’m pretty lame.

So,  I’ve figured out that due to various situations I am not longer eligible for stilettos or 4 inch heels.  I have outlined these below:

  • WAS- weak ankle syndrome
  • achy feet
  • getting too damned old
  • not wanting to feel like too much of a stripper
  • the high likelihood that if I have consumed any alcohol at all–I could end up DFO (done fell out aka, on the ground)

The solution?  Easy, a wedge or platform.  I am completely in love.  The elegance for the dressier times, the comfort I need.  Here’s a few I have my eyes on.

  1. Michael Antonio Green Wedge
  2. Rampage Wedge with Turquoise
  3. Jessica Simpson Orange Wedge
  4. BCBG Crimson Platform
  5. Xhiliration Olive Wedge

On another note, all of these seem to have a pretty good price tag!


  1. I am a huge fan of wedges on account of being short and majorly spazzmatic. I need height but don’t have a death wish! Thanks for some inspiration for Spring!

  2. @christen….as a “party sized” lady myself (a whopping 5 feet), I like the height from a taller shoe, but not the sprained ankle, public embarrassment or just the waste of tons of dollars I’ve spent from looking @ shoes and thinking–WOULDN’T THOSE LOOK GREAT on me. Your welcome for the inspiration, I am especially in love with #1.

  3. I am 5’3″ and will from here on out refer to myself as “party size.” That is AWESOME.

  4. “party size”….LOVE IT. I am 5’3” as well and love me a wedge shoe!

  5. @tina and @christen, dont you love that? we ARE party sized. check out some of these:

  6. @court…gotta get one of those….LOL!