At some point this past Fall/Winter I got behind on my blog reading. I try to keep up…but we had a whole month where everybody was sick around here and that’s probably what started it all.  So generally when I get behind in Google Reader, I will star things to read later or pin later. Then I’ll get to a certain point where I’m catching up and can go back and read everything that I’ve starred or pin it to one of my pinterest boards.  I thought I’d share some of the stuff that stuck with me lately….a round up of sorts kinda like what Danielle over at elleinad spir does on Fridays. Except some of these things date back to maybe September. I know, I know!

Cute But Deadly: Raising Children Through Their First Years

How Having a Second Child Turned From a Nightmare to a Dream


The Gifts We Give Each Other

I Went to a Cookie Party & Came Back with an Even Better Recipe: Shrimp & Grits Tarts

Christmas Card– I totally want to do this next year!!

A Great, Big Outdoor Playball

Bulldog Lamp


  1. I love that card idea. I saw a few like that around the blog world. Maybe next year….although I doubt I can make it happen!