What’s Up Chuck?

Hollla!   First post for me!

First things first–I am not  necessarily a “girly girl” . Some even have called me “sporty”.  One brand I am continually absorbed in is Converse.  Maybe because they have been around since the early 1900’s or maybe just because they ROCK, who knows–but everyone seems to have a connection to Converse, aka Chuck Taylor‘s .

At some point in time people actually played basketball in these  and now in the pop-culture circuit Converse have always kept themselves current–with nothing more than their simplicity.

My latest affair is Converse’s  ability to make your own pair of Converse, any style.  High-top, Low-top, Drop-top.–Converse is giving you full reign.

[caption id="attachment_142" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Customizing my set of Chuck's"]Customizing my set of Chuck's[/caption]

My pink and purple Converse with grey laces and my name painted on the rear are ordered. I will post an update of how AWESOME  (with pics) they look on these size 5 feet!

4-6 weeks shipping, TBC. …


  1. Those are some slammin kicks! I like how you have them say “court” on the back. Could you have said “awesome” on the side?

  2. Your shoes are adorable! Cutest pair of Converse EVAR!!! Now, I want me some! And congrats on your first post, lady! I predict great things for this blog, and will be checkin’ in periodically 🙂

    • @Candy. I like them too and will be sure to let everyone see when they come in. We’ll be posting lot’s more fun stuff!