How Do You Spell Awesome?

I love all the different wall letters you can buy now.  I used some different ones in my son’s room inspired by this post, settling on a couple from Urban Outfitters and several Anthropologie ones–I did his first/middle/last initials above his dresser with those.

But just the endless possibilities you can come up with… spelling out a last name, maybe doing a lovebirds one in your bedroom of yours and your significant other’s first initials connected by an “&” you can also find these days in abundance.  Whatever your idea, you are sure to find the style you need to match your decor!  And with the ones on Etsy, you can customize to your heart’s delight with fonts and paint and what have you.

  1. Anthropologie, zinc letters
  2. Simple Sweet Designs Etsy Shop, Custom Moss Door Hanging Initial
  3. Going GaGa Etsy Shop, Custom Hand Painted Solid Kids Wooden Nursery Letters
  4. Urban Outfitters, Acid Etch Letters
  5. Anthropologie, Printer’s Letter Stand
  6. Viva Terra, Puffy Vintage Cloth Letters
  7. VaDaVelle’s Etsy Shop, Personalized Wooden Name