Cute Coasters

So it’s no secret that I’m a clean freak, and there’s nothing worse than glasses on furniture WITHOUT coasters…I think these coasters scream PUT YOUR GLASS ON ME!!!

  1. Pier 1, Beaded Jingle Coasters
  2. Etsy, Recycled Glass Coasters
  3. Etsy, Reboot and Escape
  4. Etsy, Customized Tile Coasters
  5. Etsy, Crazy Coasters
  6. Etsy, Silhouetted Wood Coasters
  7. Z Gallerie, Drunk Coasters
  8. Etsy, Customized Monogrammed Coasters


  1. so funny because I actually need some new coasters and I am in love with numbers 4 and 8!

  2. totally loving on #4