Garnet Hill Lust

I love the Garnet Hill catalog.  I like to flip through and dog ear all the pages of stuff I want.  This is sort of the same thing as going online and adding a crapload of stuff to your cart and then never buying it.  So anyway, if I were buying Garnet Hill stuff today, this is the stuff I would get.

  1. Garnet Hill, Modern Merino Cardigan
  2. Garnet Hill, Chan Luu Multistrand Beaded Necklace
  3. Garnet Hill, Sarah Cavender Filigree Cuff
  4. Garnet Hill, Voile Jardin Dress
  5. Garnet Hill, Garnet Hill Skinny Belt


  1. Loooove that cardigan!

  2. @Christine isn’t it adorable? You should definitely check out all their colors because it was very hard to pick!!

  3. How funny! Jack and I were just looking at your dog eared cataloge today!!!

  4. @Laura looking=ripping? hahaha that’s what he does with the rest of my magazines/catalogs! hahaha