Tour de Casa: AK

I probably don’t need to remind you that I love all things Mexico.  I picked a few highlights from mi casa to share with you.

  1. This is my cross collection!  I have no idea how many I have, but I do know they are all different.  And I love how they completely cover this entire tiny little wall.
  2. I have several of these churches in different places all over my house…they remind me of my wedding day.  We had them on all the tables at our reception because they looked so much like the church we got married in.
  3. I got two of these lamps on our last trip to Mexico.  We got the shades here in town and we have them in our bedroom on our nightstands.  They give the pop of color to our otherwise tan/beigy/white bedroom.  This is the ONLY room in our house that is not SUPER COLORFUL.
  4. This Mexican Wet Bar is in our dining room.  We use it to store glasses, china and liquor–what else!  We purchased it at El Paso Import Co that Sarah told you about last week.
  5. Various gold framed mirrors and black framed wedding pics cover our bedroom walls.  I love the contrast of the black frame with the ornate gold frames.
  6. These are pictures in our dining room of our wedding cupcakes blown up and transferred to canvas.  Super bright and colorful…you know because it would be weird if something in our house wasn’t.
  7. I got these wooden and wrought iron hooks at El Paso Import Co and have them hanging in our bathroom for all my various necklaces.  There is a color coded system, even if only I can decode it.
  8. My sombrero collection!  I got inspired by a Pottery Barn catalog that got sent out one year where they had a border of sun hats all along a patio room’s ceiling.  These are in our game room but obviously I don’t have a ton of them…I’m working on it.  I want more of the more real ones and less straw ones.  Because I like to be all fancy, that’s why.


  1. Hmmmm…would love your recommendations for family vacay in Mexico.

  2. @Tina all the places we’ve been in Mexico have been pre-kiddo…so I’m not sure about family friendly, but I just recently posted on 3 totally relaxing places we’ve stayed in the past–just my husband and I. My favorite by far has been: its a bit pricey but we stayed a long weekend and it was totally and completely worth it.

  3. love the tour de casa feature here!!

  4. @Jen Thank you!! I’m definitely not a pro-photographer but you get the gist! 🙂