Fahionable and Functional

I recently joined the glorious world of working from home, and, while my job definitely has its perks, I’m finding the long hours I spend in my super-cute home office are getting extremely uncomfortable. I blame this mostly on the chair…SO…I’m on the hunt for both  fashionable AND functional home office chair…what do you think of these???

  1. Crate and Barrel; Ripple Leather Office Chair
  2. Ikea, Patrik Swivel Chair
  3. Ikea, Skruvsta Swivel Chair
  4. Pottery Barn, Swivel Desk Chair
  5. Pottery Barn, Wingate Rattan Swivel Desk Chair
  6. Target, Sydney Office Chair
  7. CB2, Bubble Office Chair


  1. I had that IKEA chair (#3) in my old office… it was great for a while, but that cushion is really thin and after a while you’re pretty much just sitting on the hard base underneath. But if you could replace the cushion, the chair is great, really comfy when you lean back and easy to maneuver.

    I love the look of #1 and #7!

  2. When I started working from home I ran into the same problem and I actually had #2 & #3 on my short list. I ended up getting this one: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Box-Arm-Mid-Back-Executive-Chair-Black/6022819 I had it sent site to store and it was the easiest online transaction ever!

  3. #1 is cute! You probably can’t go wrong with something from Pottery Barn, too. They have some sweet home office goods.

  4. @brandi: #1 is for sure the front runner…i THINK!

  5. @ak: I DO remember you looking at those Ikea chairs, but never knew which one you actually settled on…thanks for the tip on the site to store transaction!

  6. @Christen: AGREED…pottery barn does have great office goods, but I’m afraid it might take a year and a day for it to be deivered…

  7. @sk, I wouldn’t have them deliver to you, I would have it shipped to the store and pick up from there.

    We got a lot of decor, lockers, etc for Aus’ room as a toddler and it was a disaster with delivery. Getting it to go to the store and then picking up worked wonders.

  8. @court: Good tip! I didn’t know I could do site to store at PB…I just knew my Mom’s furniture delivery was also a disaster…

  9. Yes, they are notorious for that, I learned after reading so many things on them after our experience. I mean for furniture its almost unavoidable–but if its a smaller item like a chair that can go into the bed or back of a truck/suv, I would say send it to the store.

  10. @Sarah: True story. When they’re good, they’re great and when they’re slow it’s a nightmare.
    @Court: Excellent tip! Good to know – most of our stuff was “throw in the bed of the truck” size!

  11. @Christen, no prob. I love love that store for small/medium size furniture after that experience. I don’t think I would ever actually do large furniture from there after everything I’ve heard/seen.