Jewelry I Likey

I went on the hunt for some jewelry, because it’s been a while.  Or it’s Monday.  Or Mother’s Day is coming up and someone I’m married to reads this blog. Hint. Hint.

  1. Anthropologie, Wide World Necklace
  2. Sundance, Expansive Turquoise Ring
  3. Urban Outfitters, Brightly Colored Rhinestone Posts
  4. Sundance, Bloom on a Wire Earrings
  5. Sundance, Amina Necklace


  1. I must have #1!

  2. I love #4, but I think Kenny should buy them ALL for you (hopefully he will read the comments, too.)

  3. @Tina Isn’t it fab! I love how there are so many different materials used in the one necklace.

  4. @Cathy I’m sure Der would love all of these as well since we have such similar taste in jewelry.