Weiner Dog Nursery…WHAT? WHAT?

You got it folks. I’ll be shoving my love of all things weiner dog all up in my child’s face, whether boy or girl. Before you get skeptical, have a looksee here. This is gonna be one cute room for a bambino. These are the findings so far, but I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on the DIY weiner room.

  1. Etsy, Barbeque the Dachshund– Already purchased and waiting to be framed on the wall. (we need to know a sex for a pretty pink or blue frame)
  2. One Step Ahead, Hanging Photoclip Mobile – Another recent purchase. Love that I can clip Luca, Zoe or Mia’s Head shots or switch it around at any time.
  3. Ebay, Black Dachshund Fabric – I’m debating on a crib skirt or bumper with some tiny doxies dancin around on it.
  4. Wooden Toddler Toys, Dachshund Dog Pet Lamp– To light up his/her day- only the way a weiner can!
  5. Etsy, Mod Dachshund Print– My lovely friend Court purchased this for me and it’s just as cute as it looks.
  6. Etsy, Keep Calm and Love Doxies– It’s a great motto for a new mom or for a new baby.
  7. Etsy, Paisley the Weiner Dog– Colorful and cute, but could easily be destroyed by the wrath of my actual weiners. MUST be kept out of reach.


  1. Love your weiner dog posts! I have one too and would have gladly decorated our nursery in a weiner dog theme except that my husband (who inherited the dog when I moved in with him) nixed the idea. I managed to sneak in one or two however!

  2. Thought of you and your love of weiner dogs when I was shopping on Bibelotshops.com. They have tons of cute daschund stuff 🙂

  3. LOVE it! Why not share your interests with your kid before he or she can protest?