Cinco de Cuatro

A few years back we had a Cinco de Mayo party, that’s Spanish for Cinco de May.  Anywho, I think Cinco de Mayo fell on the wrong partying day and so we ended up celebrating on Cuatro de Mayo and somehow in the planning stages people became confused and started calling it the Cinco de Cuatro party.  It stuck.  We had a blast.

The following items are staples for a successful Cinco de Cuatro party:

  1. Amazon, Burro Pinata
  2. Amazon, Fiesta Fun Party Maracas
  3. Amazon, Guac Off
  4. Amazon, Chili Pepper Lights
  5. Amazon, Sombrero
  6. Amols, Mexican Guitar
  7. Direct From Mexico, Blue Rimmed Margarita Glass
  8. Direct From Mexico, Blue Rimmed Hand Blown Glass Pitcher