Cobalting to a New Level

Cobalt blue is a great basic color on so many people. Brunettes looking just as stunning as blondes and red heads. Bring out those baby blues with some cobalt blue accented with yellow or turquoise. If you are feeling patriotic…throw on some red and white too.

  1. Walmart, Ruffle Front Draped Tank
  2. Alloy, Stunner Sandal
  3. Shopbossa, Shiraleah Harper Fold Wallet
  4. Old Navy, Surplus Drawstring Maxi
  5. Gap, Lightweight Floral Scarf
  6. Old Navy, Womens Embroidered Cut Out Tops
  7. Nordstrom, Lucky Brand Large Beaded Necklace
  8. Gap, Linen Dress
  9. Shopbossa, Shiraleah Colette Hobo Bag
  10. Motherhood Maternity, Short Sleeve Flutter Sleeve Top


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