Herb Garden

These totally inspire me to grow herbs on my window sill…you know, the window sill with the cute curtains that is always open so you can see the kiddos playing in the yard while you’re inside doing dishes…you know, that one…the only problems is:

A) I can’t grow anything plants to save my life.

B) I don’t have a flippin window sill!!!! (or kiddos…actually, I don’t “do” dishes either…)

But aren’t these inspiring????

  1. Etsy, Vintage Silverware Garden Marker
  2. Etsy, Custom Garden Markers
  3. Etsy, Mini Burlap Bag with Rosemary
  4. Etsy, Illustrated herb vintage silver spoon garden markers
  5. Williams-Sonoma, Aerogarden Elite Garden: Only buy this if you’re a serious, I repeat, serious her grower….
  6. Etsy, Mini Oak Plant Holder with Chalkboard Stripe


  1. I kill EVERYTHING. I did try to plant some herbs on the windowsill this year….and now my cilantro is dead.

  2. @TIna: HAHAHAHAHA…glad I’m not the only one!