Walk This Way

Are doormats out? Because I really like doormats…I think all of these would go swimmingly on my front step.

This is my current doormat and it has elicited many many laughs…to which I say, why are you laughing? You should be running for your lives because IT DOES NOT LIE!

  1. Wisteria, Welcome to the Zoo Doormat
  2. At West End, Recycled Flip Flop Mat
  3. Uncommon Goods, Nice Underwear Mat
  4. Uncommon Goods, Lobster Rope Doormat
  5. Target, Dog is Nuts Doormat


  1. OMG I need #3 IMMEDIATELY. And then invite everyone I know over for a party. And then video tape them walking up the door. And then giggle uncontrollably in the window.

  2. @Pammer I think I need to see that video tape when you are done giggling. Like STAT!