Tipsy Wedding Project: Favors

1. Sarah-I got an idea off to put a few donut holes in each take out box…VERY unique and budget-friendly!

2. AK-Fall colors! Also I love the idea of finding seeds of flowers you are using in your bouquets and allowing everyone to plant the flowers from your big day.  Then every time they bloom, your guests will remember your big day!

3. Court-I LOVE this idea (and wine–have I said that 85 times before?) Cute, fall themed, usable by most, etc.

4. Der-I did cookie favors in our wedding colors with our last initial on them and they were quite the hit. The taste testing part is pretty much awesome too. You can either have them at each place setting or do a pass out situation when guests are leaving.


  1. If they don’t end up doing the donut holes in the takeout box, I still may! SUCH a good idea. And I thought I’d taken every possible tip from The Knot.

    Plus, it might be a good chance to try these out:

    Thanks, Tipsy Society!

  2. @Chelsea: OMG…those sound AMAZING!!!!

  3. Mmmm…donuts! And cookies! Now I’m hungry 🙂