What Time Is It?

We have a big red wall clock in our kitchen that seems to be the only clock I look at during the day when I want to know what time it is.  Not that there isn’t a million other clocks to look at like on the microwave or oven or my cell phone or the TiVo.  But for some reason this clock is big and it catches my eye.  These clocks also caught my eye…do you guys have wall clocks in your home?

  1. Viva Terra, Make Your Own Clock
  2. Uncommon Goods, Ultra Flat Wall Clock
  3. Evgie’s Etsy Shop, Children’s Wall Felt Clock
  4. Viva Terra, Boatwood Clock
  5. CB2, Countdown Clock
  6. Pilot Design’s Etsy Shop, Modern Wall Clock


  1. I bought a playroom clock that has trucks on the 12,3,6 and 9. I thought it was so cute…but now that ny toddler is learning about time it hard. I say ‘we need to leave when the big hand is on the dump truck!’ not a great teaching aid. Total fail. Maybe I’ll replace it with one of your finds…

  2. @Danielle hahaha that’s pretty funny–whatever works right? I mean at least its not digital and he’s learning about the hands RIGHT?! hahaha Your halfway there!

  3. What’s the deal with the all the weirdness on #5? is it 3d? Or has my mind finally been melded?

  4. @jwo your mind may be melded after I tell you this: countdown minutes underneath are underneath. Example: “05” shadows under the “1” to indicate five minutes, “3” and “5” layer under the “7” to mark 35 minutes.

  5. @ak — I’m not fancy enough for that clock (in a related story I still don’t understand it and would wear sunglasses [thinking they were 3d glasses] to tell time). Bagh! kids these days with their countdown clocks and woody and buzz toys. In my day, we had star wars toys and back to the future movies. and we LIKED IT.

  6. @jwo grow with the times old man