Ikea For Kiddos

My husband and I made a recent trip to Ikea and walked away with some super cute finds for our baby’s nursery that he is currently dragging his feet on. Put the damn dresser together already!

Anywho, check out all these incredibly cheap things for the little ones!

  1. Leka Mobile – $4.99
  2. Barnslig Ringdans Box with Lid– $2.99
  3. Ikea PS Fangst Hanging Storage– $4.99
  4. Maska Training Cup – $2.99
  5. Spoka Night Light – $12.99
  6. Minnen Toy Box – $14.99
  7. Kusiner Storage Baskets – $2.99
  8. Sot Barnslig Soft Toys – $0.49


  1. That mobile is perfect. I am a child and family therapist and play therapist, and one of my biggest peeves is that baby mobiles don’t face the baby. How wrong is that? Why do we make our wee ones look up the ars of an elephant or a bee? That’s just wrong. So I snipped mine and sewed them back on to face my son. I know….crazy.