Weiner Nightmares

I have a fear. It keeps me awake at night sometimes… well, more likely it’s the pregnancy keeping me awake, but I have a fear nonetheless. It’s a real situation: What if my weens eat my baby? Sure, they can be all sweet and innocent, but I have evidence to the contrary.

I’m a little concerned about this and would like to throw this out to the jury. Do y’all have any tips for blending pets with new additions?


  1. HAHAHAHAAHHAAHAAHA!!! Omg, a baby eaten by a ween isnt funny, but I am buckled over on these pics!!!!

  2. As a fellow weiner dog mom, I can relate. I’m not pregnant yet, but I already worry what Charlie will do around a baby. He’s very much a one-woman dog and did not deal well with the addition of his sister (shelter mutt mystery breed). I’m talking spiteful peeing on any of my stuff that was on the floor by a dog who never has accidents.

    I watched an episode of It’s Me or the Dog on Animal Planet and they said you have to gradually introduce them to dolls and the sound of crying so they don’t freak and try to protect you from it. You also have to be clear that it’s not their job to guard the baby and make sure to feed then in isolation when the kid is crawling around.

    This is my precious (and his sister): http://cardiganjunkie.blogspot.com/2010/04/sneak-peek.html

  3. I’m not sure if it really did anything or not….but my hubs brought a baby blanket home from the hospital and left it in the house…to kind of get the baby’s scent into the house…kind of as an introduction. Now that I am typing this, it sounds so lame. Did I really do that!?!? Yep…we did.

  4. My tip for introducing baby to dog: Baby Boy will be wrapped in one of those hospital-issue blankies, right? Have your husband bring one home (preferably BEFORE you two come home from the hospital) after Baby Boy has been hanging out in it. Let the dog smell it, leave it on the floor, whatever. This will help the dog get used to the scent so he doesn’t charge at the baby like, “What’s this new thing?” with too much enthusiasm. My parents did this with Evan and he and their dog have generally been fine since day one. (The dog was unimpressed with the 2am crying, but fair enough, right?)

  5. We did the baby hat they gave at the hospital instead of a blanket. Same concept. We also played this a few times because we THOUGHT it would get her used to crying but really it just provided us much entertainment in the form of which directions Weezie’s ears would move when listening to this: http://beprepared.net/tools_cryingbaby.html