And the runner up is….

Runner!?!?  Baahahaha!  I crack my damn self up!

Anywho, I’m no Betty Crocker and my table isn’t always “set”, but I like to keep things looking pretty snazy.  AK and I were talking about investing in one of these.  I’m thinking a runner, some votive candles,  a few accents and my dinner table is good as new.

  1. Black Pier One – my fav, good for fall?
  2. Arabian World Market
  3. Garden Amazon
  4. Mexican Animal Pottery Barn
  5. Butterfly Pottery Barn
  6. Linen Amazon

Next mission, get my cats to not screw the damn thing while I’m gone.


  1. I use a runner in the fall. I like the detail it adds to the table but without covering the whole thing….but yea, my cat totally messes with it.

  2. @danielle – try four 🙂 can you say crazycatlady? 🙂

  3. oh you tipsy gals and your rockin good taste. :o)
    and i do LOVE a runner!
    mainly b/c:
    (1) they work on any shaped table (round, long, square, younameit!)
    (2) runners go in the middle of the table, away from the edges where everyone puts their plates and glasses (aka: the zone of stainy food and spilled drinks). so runners don’t get all nasty and crummy and ruined as fast as place mats (and need to be washed less often- LOVE!)
    (3) you can change em out whenever the mood strikes :o) easy peasy.

  4. @Michelle: Thanks!!! I’m going to snag one and I’ll be sure to take a pic of the before and after.