Pretty Things at Every Price: Rings

Everyone needs a good chunky ring to add a little something extra to an outfit, and here are a few we all wouldn’t mind adding to ours!

  1. Melis, Ancient Cluster Ring: I would totally wear this ring because a) it would go with so many different outfits b) it’s not huge so it wouldn’t be in my way and c) its totally in my price range at under $5!
  2. Court, Atomium Ring: I love a huge ass funky ring.  This ring is totally me.  Love it, would wear this with a solid tee, some jeans and chucks.  LOVE.
  3. AK, Gold Plated Pink Quartz and Turquoise Ring: LOVE how chunky this ring is and there’s something about the combo of gold and turquoise that makes it sorta dressy.  I would definitely wear this on a night out on the town. Or sushi, whichever.
  4. Sarah, Cosmic Stack: This looks like such a nice/unique ring that you could actually wear on a daily basis! I like wearing chunkier and more interesting rings on my right hand and this would fit perfectly into my rotation…plus, LOVING the look of the copper!


  1. I love Ring #1! It’s super cute, but because it’s so cheap, the “gold” turns your finger green. 🙁