$50 Fridays: Silly Name, Serious Pants

That’s right, you guessed it ladies. I am talking about jeggings. Jean leggings. Now I was skeptical of this trend when it first arrived, mostly because of the stupid name. But let me tell you, its probably the best trend to pop up EVER.  Let me break it down for you. Take the cute look of tight skinny jeans and add the comfort of pajama pants (i.e. the elastic waist band), and you get what might be the most comfortable pant ever made.  So go forth and eat as much as you want ladies, because these pants will stretch with you.  I am going to need at least 14 pairs…

  1. Forever 21,  Fab Basic Knit Top
  2. Forever 21, Jaded Hoops
  3. Forever 21,  Basic Pull-on Jeggings I
  4. Forever 21, Silk Jacquard Scarf
  5. Urban Original, Pink Duchess Betsy Ruffled Ballet Flat