Dish Duty

I’m not exactly sure why, but I like festive dish towels in my kitchen. I don’t always go ALL  OUT for holidays, but I do like to see those little decorative towels hanging there near my stove and sink. Here are some cute towels that could adorn my kitchen this year. They would make cute little gifts too.

  1. Crate and Barrel, Joy Dish Towel
  2. Amazon, Tag Whimsy Santa Dish Towels
  3. Crate and Barrel, Berries and Birds Dish Towel
  4. Amazon, Bright Christmas Tea Towel
  5. World Market, Reindeer Towels


  1. Those last one are so cute!

  2. love these, #3 is my fave!
    as an aside, i just realized there’s a definite pattern to the way i read these tipsy posts.
    step 1: oooh and awe at all the cute numbered stuff
    step 2: pick my fave(s)
    step 3: slowly scroll down the page toward the links while thinking “pleasepleaseplease let my fave be from somewhere affordable!”
    ie: target, not ie: Crate and Barrel
    step 4: either rejoice over the victory of my thrifty choice or stick out a pouty lip and mutter something about champaign tastes and beer budgets.
    step 5: visit all links and imagine my kitchen/home/self sporting featured item. (aren’t i fashionable?!)
    step 6: forward links to friends 🙂
    thanks for the fun gals!

  3. I bought #1 recently and love it!