Best Hide-a-bed Ever?

I’m an avid watcher of the Guiliana and Bill  reality show. (If you don’t watch it you need to get on board.) If you do watch it, how sucky was the ending for Guiliana and Bill!?!?!

Anyway, when they were decorating their L.A. apartment, they picked up this sofa for the study and I thought it was awesome!

It’s a) a cute sofa b) pulls out into a sleek bed, and c) can also store pillows and blankets!


  1. Now that is clever – I love the storage in the arm! I think it would be great for a study, where it won’t get tons of wear (Ikea couches tend to look abused after a while, in my experience).

    I don’t watch G&B, but I saw her on a talk show and felt bad for her. She is sooooo thin and clearly has body issues, which aren’t cured by having a hottie husband who loves you. They were saying she probably could have a baby if she let her weight rise to a normal range but that would mean bad press and unflattering photos in tabloids. So sad… 🙁

  2. I’ve always been a fan of the sleeper sofa. This thing is awesome!