Shower de Sarah

We thought we’d share a few pics from the baby shower we helped throw for Sarah and her hubby over the weekend.  Sarah and Kynn have decided to not find out if they are having a boy or girl ahead of time so we had to stick with a strictly gender neutral shower.  Dr. Seuss was the answer!  We couldn’t possibly get all the decor in these shots but hoooo boy was it cute!

We had Seuss cookies and cupcakes and Seuss themed flowers and Red Fish and Blue Fish…and the list goes on and on!  Instead of a sign in book, we had everyone sign in on a copy of “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”.  Throughout the house we used Seuss books and stuffed Seuss characters as decor.  We also played two games: Baby Animal Matchathon and Baby Price is Right.  Definitely fun games as they were both a bit challenging.  All in all I think everyone had fun and Sarah and Kynn got a ton of very cute baby stuff.  Congrats to Sarah & Kynn! Can’t wait to meet the new addition!!


  1. SOOOOO CUTE!!!! And Court, have you lost weight? Lookin good.

  2. @Laura! Thanks, working on it for sure!