Converse: Marimekko & More!

By now you should know that all of us Tipsy gals are Converse fans…including Der who has been converted.  I heard they had a couple of new lines coming out, one being the famous Marimekko designs and I had to check them out.  My opinion, SUPER CUTE!  In addition to Marimekko, there are Converse (PRODUCT) RED and Dr. Seuss (which honestly I thought were only in the kid sizes, but oh I was wrong!)

  1. Jack Purcell Helen Marimekko
  2. All Star Marimekko
  3. All Star Marimekko
  4. All Star Wrapping Paper
  5. All Star Dr Seuss
  6. (PRODUCT) RED Paint Brushstroke


  1. I love the wrapping paper ones, but I’m not sure how I feel about the lack of a black line around the Marimekko ones.

  2. @Rachael I hadn’t even noticed but now that you said that I think it does look sorta weird! Maybe they just really want to highlight the fabric part??

  3. OMG…loving on #1!