Fabulous Footwear Friday

We’ve had a bit too much cold here in Houston this Winter and I’m definitely ready for Spring or dare I say Summer.  These wedges would be perfect for that season change and they are on sale!

Elle Libbie Peep-Toe Platform Wedges, Kohl’s


  1. Did you see that Lauren Conrad is adding shoes to her Kohl’s line? (Or rather, Kohls is adding shoes to the Lauren Conrad line that they design and show her)

    Either way I’m excited! I love me some Kohl’s heels. They last, but aren’t $100+… a rare combo.

    • I had NOT heard that!! That’s pretty exciting! I can’t wait to see what they all look like. Any idea when they are coming out?

  2. Turns out they’re already out, and not as awesome as I imagined. I shall be patient and see if it gets better than cork hooker heels. 🙁