Sorry Tom

Dudes, I have to confess something. I once swore I would never ever put a pair of Toms on my feet. When my hipster, walks to the beat of his own drum brother began wearing then several years ago… I thought they were the UGLIEST things I ever laid eyes on and no way would I ever place those colored ace bandages on my feet.

Present day:

Yep. Those are my feet. Dressed in the most comfortable shoes to ever wrap around them. I don’t often fork out a lot of money like $45 for a pair of shoes, but this time I did (because it was Christmas money) and I don’t regret it.

BUT…like every time I buy something full price, I turn right around and find an almost identical knock off for half price. Here we are. Again.

Payless has The Good Shoe. Slip a pair on and you will soon find out that they produce the exact same euphoric level of comfort with an almost identical look. DAMMIT to all hell. I hate when that happens.


  1. Christina says:

    I thought the same thing about TOMS – they are ugly…but oh so comfortable, like walking on a cloud!

    At least with TOMS someone in need also got a pair, so something good came out of paying the extra money 🙂

  2. I keep hearing about how comfortable Tom’s are, but I wasn’t willing to spend $45 to find out! Now that I know about the Payless version (Christina – they donate a pair too!) I’ll be checking them out for sure. Thanks for sharing!

    • They do donate a pair! And I swear they feel the exact same way that Toms to on your feet. If I only saw these first! I may just have to get these too so I’ll be donating two pairs… you know, just doing it for the less fortunate.

  3. Christina says:

    Oh…that changes everything! 🙂

    I actually like the look of the Payless ones better, more of a rounded toe. Hopefully they come out with more colors soon. As soon as my feet recover from being pregnant I’ll have to get some.