Boy After My Own Weiner Loving Heart

I’ve made it pretty clear in the past that my top choice of animal is a weiner dog. I own three and while they drive me to the brink of my sanity almost daily and my mother is convinced that since the baby came that I don’t love them, I do love them. See Mom, if I didn’t love them they would be dead by now. Dead because I would have killed them with my bare hands.

My love is so deep that it wasn’t enough to have 3 of those fools running around like they own the place and a weiner dog themed baby nursery… I need my son to be loaded up with weiner dog gear too. Here are some super adorable finds, whether you are a weiner lover or not. Feel better now, Mom?

  1. Target, Weiner Tee
  2. Target, Weiner Romper
  3. Etsy, Weiner Onesie
  4. Target, Weiner Neck Support
  5. Target, Weiner Tshirt Romper