Urban Outfit My Feet

I check Urban Outfitters from time to time for their cheaper housewares section, but on a whim checked out the sandals and WHOOOO BOY did I hit the lotto on cute sandals.  Check these babies out.

  1. Ecote Macrame Loop Slingback
  2. Ecote Basketweave Ankle Wrap Sandal
  3. Bass Elastic Sandal
  4. Cooperative Leather Cross Strap Sandal
  5. Ecote Slingback Sandal
  6. Ecote Strappy Sandal
  7. Deena & Ozzy Elastic Wedge Sandal
  8. Ecote Thick Strap Macrame Slingback
  9. Ecote Knotted Fan Thong Sandal
  10. Ecote Macrame Loop Thong Sandal


  1. I tried on #8 at my local store (where they were in the clearance box!) but they were so hurty I had to leave them there. Sad day 🙁