For all you travelers out there…

I received a request from a tipsy ready for any travel tips I may have. Always one for sharing my opinons, wanted or not, I thought I would present you ladies with my top 5 travel tips:

1) An oldie but goodie, make a list! And check it twice! Now I know I sound like a Christmas song but seriously, you need to check that list. I always end up forgetting something.

2) Never travel with designer items. Whether it be a handbag or shoes or what. You don’t want to scream “I have money, rob me!” If you are travelling outside of the US everyone will know you are a tourist as soon as you open your mouth, so there is no need to draw extra attention to yourself.

3) Travel with medicine. I always have ibuprofen on me, but when I travel I carry a small pharmacy. I have bad allergies so sudafed or benadryl is a must. I learned this the hard was on my trip to Paris (allergic reaction to laundry detergent = not good). Medicine is expensive in foreign countries too.

4) Wear comfortable clothes on the plane but don’t look sloppy! You may not be able to check into your hotel right away so what you wear on the plane might be what you wear your first day of vacay. You don’t want to be in sweats in all your pictures. I usually go with boyfriend jeans and a fitted tee

5) I pretty much booked my whole trip to Europe through this site. They have a listing and ratings for any type of lodging you are looking for (hotel, hostel, b&b, etc), as well as a variety of tours in every city. They also have a ranking of all the things you should make sure you do in each city, and forums to ask other travelers any questions you may have.

One last thing…

If you really want something don’t be afraid to splurge! You don’t to get home and be mad at yourself for not buying something when you had the chance, it may not be there if and when you ever go back. Besides, you are supposed to treat yourself on vacation 🙂