Sacré bleu!

The title of this post can generally sum up my thoughts and feelings after my trip to Paris (it is also one of my favorite French phrases). I cannot tell you how excited I was to go to the fashion capital of the world. The world, people! I had dreams about all the amazing clothes and shoes I would find, and was worried that my will power was not strong enough to not spend my life savings in this city.  My illusions were shattered as soon as I left my hotel. The first Parisian I came across was an older gentleman, maybe in his 50s, and he was wearing a blue jean mini skirt with leggings. No, he was not dressed in drag, per say, he was just in a mini skirt. From the waist up he was dressed like a man. I held back my judgmental side at first, thinking this was just a fluke, but no. I did not see a single person whose outfit I liked. I was determined to buy one item from Paris though, just so I could tell people I got it in Paris. It was a struggle to find something I actually liked in any of the stores. Needless to say, I was disappointed. So, things I learned about Paris?

1) Should not be the fashion capital of the world. Period the end.

2) It really is dirty. Like smells like a giant urinal. Parisians just pee where ever the want apparently (I have a picture of a street sign to illustrate)

3) The Lourve is humongous. It  never seems to end. According to the tour guide it will take you 8 years to look at every painting in the Lourve for 30 seconds.

4) Nutella crepes might be the best food invention man has ever created.

5) French people do not not like Americans, they just don’t like anyone who isn’t French.

6) Crepe making is an art.

7) No building in Paris is more than 7 stories tall.

8) French mustard is so spicy it will clear your sinuses.

9) Paris is cold in May.

10) Madeleines are addicting.

Stay tuned for the last portion of my trip…