When in Rome…

Hello Ladies! It has been quite a while since I have posted on here. While Tipsy was on hiatus I did a little world traveling and thought I would share some moments with you. I started my adventures in Rome.  You know that saying do as the Romans do? Well if the Romans drank lots of wine and ate lots of gelato, I got it covered. I also made my way through Florence (Tuscan wine? Yes please!) and to Venice.  I saw all the main sites, went wine tasting at a castle/Tuscan vineyard, and took a hiking trip along the coast. Here are a few things I learned about Italy along the way:

1) Italians are very forward, and they love Americans. I had my hands and cheeks kissed by strangers too many times to count.

2) The cheapest bottle of wine at a restaurant in Italy is as good as the most expensive bottle at a restaurant in America. Sad day for us.

3) Fashion in Italy=not so great. It was a struggle for me to find clothing worth the outrageous prices.

4) Food in Italy=A-amazing. Even the weird things (Pasta with bacon and eggs? Best dish I had)

5) Real Italian restaurants don’t give you free bread. Only in America. Sad day for them.

6) All Italians drive like bats out of hell. They don’t drive in lanes, and generally don’t follow traffic signals. And they do not stop for pedestrians. I was almost run down by a taxi and a tour bus, on separate occasions

7) Venice is very small. And kind of smells like sewage from the gross water. But gorgeous to look at.

8 ) People actually still live in castles in the Italian countryside. I got to go in one.

9) My favorite drink Diet Coke, which Der and I affectionately call DC, is not called that in Italy. It is Coca Cola Light. Or CL as I like to call it.

10) Fire departments go out on runs about every 2.5  minutes. Seriously. There were constant sirens. It may have something to do with the lack of driving ability.

Here are a few snap shots from my trip. That strange girl in some of the photos is my college roommate and best friend who took the trip with me.

Stay tuned for more highlights from the rest of my trip…