Hair Color Extender?

ak-hair powder
Has anybody used this as a dry shampoo AND to cover greys? I just read that Jillian Harris of The Bachelorette fame uses it for that very reason and I think I could get on board with that to prolong my color. But would love to know if anybody else out there uses it and what they think….
Bumble & Bumble Brown Hair Powder, Sephora


  1. I’ve used it – both the brown and blonde shades (depending on my color of the moment). I don’t have any grays, but I’m a natural blonde and the brown covers my ashy blonde roots nicely.
    It’s a mess, though – brown fingers when you run them through….don’t wear a white shirt when you apply (or wrap yourself in a towel)….when I clean the bathroom, I find a faint brown coating on things. Still, it’s great and I haven’t found anything better for the application.

  2. How funny… I just got my hair done today and bought this. The stylist recommended it because I mentioned my hair doesn’t tease very well, and she said it gives your hair better texture to hold a tease. Also, I cut bangs and she said it helps keep bangs from getting too oily through the day, which I’ve had a problem with when I’ve had bangs in the past. The other thing to mention is that she told me to get the blondish color even though my hair is chestnut brown. Apparently the brown color only looks good in really dark brown or black hair. And sure enough, she sprayed the blondish one on her skin so I could see, and it’s a medium brown color… not really blonde.

    • Really interesting about buying the blonde color… I wonder which one I should use because I have pretty dark brown but with some highlights here and there… decisions decisions!