Sky High Hair

In Texas big hair is where it’s at, yáll. I was not blessed with luscious thick locks that naturally plump up the way every Texas girl dreams. My super duper fine hair lays like a limp noodle on my head unless I do a lot, I mean A LOT, of jerseylicious style teasing. Enter hair styling powder. I was first introduced to this in the form of  Osis Dust It and while I love this product it’s a little steep for my taste as far as price goes for such a tiny container. Low and  behold I have found an almost identical product for under $5! Got2B Volumizing Styling Powder is the BEST! It gives the same effect of the much more expensive powder for a fraction of the cost. I can sprinkle a little of this at my roots and massage or tease it in a little and voila!