Straight Hair, No Frizz

ak-hair no frizz
Have yall heard of this line of hair products that Jennifer Aniston started using and loved it so much that she is now a co-owner and face of the brand? So obvs that caught my eye because Jennifer Aniston is like my personal hair idol. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken a picture of her to the salon asking for whatever cut or color she’s got going on. A ton of times I tell ya…So anyway, when I heard she was connected to a line of products I for sure wanted to try it out. Amazon has a set of the products in sample sizes and that’s what I started with. My kit included shampoo, conditioner, straightening cream and a curling cream. I already used the shampoo and conditioner all up and while I loved it, what I think changed my hair the most has been the Straight Making Styling Cream. Not only does it make my hair straight and smooth but it also helps with the same in both second and third day hair. My hair is very thick and a “not pretty, wavy” if I let it air dry. So I pretty much hate the blow dry process, it takes FOREVER. This doesn’t change that fact but what it does help with is extending my style for longer. Love it!
Living Proof Frizz Styling Cream