The Perfect Pink Pout

I believe I’ve sung the praises of Maybelline’s Baby Lips previously in the shade of Cherry Me (still a great shade for that I just ate a popsicle look) , but I recently stumbled upon a color that I can only describe as the perfect baby pink. It’s like my lips are baby soft AND the perfect shade of baby pink without looking too matte or too…how do you say it… stripper as to me some super light pink glosses tend to look in my opinion. I find myself reaching for this color all day every day this winter. And for under $5 you can’t lose!



  1. MichelleLG says:

    holy smokes! you guys got a website makeover and it lovely!

    also, i ADORE babylips. i have every color. can’t stop myself. and the grape is hands down the perfect shade for my lips. loooove.

  2. The Grape Vine is also lovely! Not purple at all, just brings a nice fresh hint of color to your lips. I usually layer some clear gloss over it if I want the shiny look.