Super Sneakers

These tennis shoes are THE BOMB. Initially I had purchased these for both of my boys but then I saw that they offered them in adult sizes too and now my husband and I both wear them as well. They have arch support unlike Converse, so they are super comfy in my book. My husband also has been wearing them a ton and says they are the most comfortable tennis shoe he has aside from his workout tennis shoes. The boys shoes have held up very well, my oldest wears his to school everyday and just keep on truckin. The best part of these shoes? ALL OF THE COLORS. SO MANY COLORS.
Superga Tennis Shoes


  1. ZOMG MUST HAVE THEM ALL. I love my Converse, but my poor old feet could probably use a bit more support. Thank you! *runs off to buy for whole fam*

    • I guarantee you will have a hard time picking colors because OMG SO MANY COLORS. It’s crazy!

      • I’m going to try green for me….for starters. Bummer they start kids at toddler – I have an 8 month old. I’m seeing some people say they run large & to order a size down? What have you found?

  2. I wear a 7.5 and I thought I’d size down to a 7 but they were too short for me, so I would say they are true to size. As for the kiddos, I don’t see it on zappos anymore but we bought a size 6 for my youngest. It had just one velcro strap. But definitely measure their feet and look at the sizing, you might be able to find some…

  3. They came on Wednesday, I finally got to wear them yesterday. They ARE awesome. I’d say they have a bit more support than my Converse, but less than my Adidas shell toes….really comfy. I may need more colors. 🙂 Thank you!