Hump Day Happy Hour: Middle Sister Wine

I came across these wines recently at my local Target store and they instantly caught my eye. According to the website, these wines are named for the sister who “has a personality of her own and steals the show”. For those of you who don’t know, I am the middle sister in my family so I might be a tad bit biased ūüôā In addition to the cute¬†back-story, each type of wine has its own cute name and story, AND they sell for around $10! Sign me up!

Drama Queen Pinot Grigio
Mischief Maker Cabernet Sauvignon
Smarty Pants Chardonnay
Goodie Two-Shoes Pinot Nior

Outfit Request: Defending a Thesis

I got a request yesterday from a Tipsy reader asking my opinion about what to wear when defending a thesis in a science field. For those of you who don’t know any science-minded people, many of them are a tad bit challenged when it comes to style. And by a tad bit, I mean a whole lot. ¬†Because they often dress super casual for work (jeans and socks with sandals…eek!), the goal is to look professional without being too dressy (i.e. no suits). Here are a few options I came up with…

option 1. Fixed Bow Striped Sheath Dress +Mossimo Black Vanette Kitten Heel Pumps

option 2. Merona Collection Jillian Crosshatch Skirt + Merona Women’s Double Layer Shirred V-Neck Top +¬†Adi Desings Classic Pointed Toe Pumps

option 3. Ruffle and Striped Belted Dress + Cuffed Sleeve V-Neck Cardigan + Mossimo Pearce Pumps

option 4.  Banded Waist Button Front Shirt + Chino Solid Ruffle Skirt + Mossimo Pearce Pumps

For those of you looking for something less trendy, you can never go wrong with a classic sheath dress!

Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away With Me

All of these cold fronts that keep hitting Houston every week are making me even more ready for spring weather, and for all the things that come with it. Including all these cute nautical clothing and accessories. Besides, who doesn’t love the classic red, white, and blue combo? I’m going to need one of each of these please…

  1. Payless, Megan Canvas High Wedge Sling
  2. Modcloth, Sailor Away  Shorts
  3. Modcloth, Anchoring for Accessories Necklace
  4. Modcloth, Weekend At Sea Dress
  5. Old Navy, Rope Trim Canvas Beach Tote
  6. Modcloth, Ruffle Waters Ahead Top
  7. Modcloth, Hoop Deck Earrings

Travelling in Style

In the very near future I will be taking a trip across Europe as one last hurrah before I end my career as a professional student and get a real job. ¬†I have been on the hunt for a cute, stylish way to carry my travel documents, most importantly my passport, on all my adventures. ¬†These are just a few of the incredibly cute options I have come across…

  1. Fabric Travel Clutch
  2. Travel Passport Wallet This is the one I ended up going with. LOVE IT!
  3. Passport Wallet Cover
  4. Passport Cover
  5. Passport Cover I had to throw this one in for a certain crazy cat lady that I know…
  6. Passport Cover

P.S. One of these would make a great graduation gift for high school or college grads if anyone needs an idea ūüôā

Gingham: Its Not Just For Picnics Anymore…

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but gingham print is a big trend for this spring. I’ve always found myself gravitating towards this print, even if it does make me feel like a picnic blanket or a country bumpkin sometimes. ¬†Either way, I am all over this trend.

  1. Old Navy, Women’s Printed Button Down Shirt
  2., Fred Perry Sunshot Gingham
  3. LL Bean, Fabric Belt
  4. J Crew, Gingham Sonoma Short
  5. Old Navy, Women’s Ruffled Gauze Top (this is one of those already in my closet ūüôā )
  6. Target, Mossimo Supply Co Gingham Tote
  7. Banana Republic, Ruffle Trim Gingham Shirt
  8. Target,¬†Merona Women’s Bermuda Short (another one in my closet already)
  9., Novelty Auto Open Umbrella
  10. Payless, Serendipity Gingham High Wedge

Hump Day Happy Hour: Sweet Melissa

I have yet to try this drink, but I thought I would share it with y’all since it shares my name ūüôā Doesn’t it sound like it should involve a lounge chair, a pool, and the sun… and maybe even a paper umbrella? I can¬†foresee all of these things in my future…

  • 1 1/2 oz.¬†Rum, coconut
  • 1 1/2 oz.¬†Vodka, vanilla
  • 1 splash¬†Cranberry Juice
  • 1 part¬†Orange Juice
  • 1 part¬†Pineapple Juice
  • 1 wedge¬†Lime

Add rum and vodka to a hurricane glass full of ice. Fill with desired amount of pineapple and orange juice, topping with a splash of cranberry. Squeeze a lime wedge over it and then drop it in. Enjoy!

recipe courtesy of

I’m Blushing

I have seen cream blush used on tons of make-over shows over the years, but I always shied away from buying any. Mainly because I was afraid I would look like a circus clown, or worse a creepy china doll , as I am pretty pale after Winter. Okay, if I’m being honest I’m pretty pale year round. But that’s another story. So, after much consideration, I finally broke down and tried¬†Almay’s Smart Shade Blush. I absolutely LOVE it! I went with the neutral shade (again with the fear of looking like clowns or dolls) and it is the perfect everyday blush for me. It gives me enough color so I don’t look sickly, but also not too heavily made up for class or running errands. ¬†Maybe one day I will work up the nerve to try the pink shade….

I’m baaaack!

That’t right ladies, I’m joining the ranks of The Tipsy Society again while Tipsy lady¬†Sarah is off having a baby. I’d thought I’d catch y’all up on what’s in my imaginary shopping cart for this spring…

  1. Target, Merona Collection Women’s Ysabelle Sleeveless Dress
  2. Forever 21, Strappy Leatherette Wedges
  3. Gap, Denim Pleated Trouser Shorts
  4. Modcloth, Whatever Floats You Feathers Dress
  5. Payless, Sweetpea Canvas Wedge
  6. Gap, Ruffle-sleeve Top
  7. Gap, Printed Tie-neck Top
  8. Kohls, LC Lauren Conrad Floral Chiffon Top

$50 Friday: Happy Halloween!!

I thought I would kick off the holiday weekend with a very festive casual Friday outfit for you. Hope everyone has a fun, fabulous, and safe holiday! Happy Halloween!!

  1. Walmart, Women’s Short-Sleeve Halloween Graphic Tee
  2. Target, Mossimo Supply Co Junior’s Patch Pocket Boyfriend Jean
  3., Tiny Halloween Jack O Lantern Earring Studs
  4. Newport News, Twist Knot Flat
  5. Wet Seal, Basket Weave Mini Wristlet

I Want My Nephew In One Of These…

As most of you know, my sister Der recently gifted me with the cutest nephew I could ever wish for. Ever since I was notified of his impending arrival I couldn’t help but look at all the cute baby outfits out there and imagine him in them. It has gotten even worse since he made his debut.¬† Take Halloween for instance.¬† Now, I know its not practical to dress up a 3 week old baby in a costume, but I can’t help but think his cuteness level would be off the charts in any one of these…

  1. Caterpillar Bunting Halloween Costume
  2. Guppy Fish Bunting Halloween Costume
  3. Hot Dog Bunting Halloween Costume My personal favorite ūüôā
  4. Smurfs Smurf Bunting Halloween Costume
  5. Pumpkin Bunting Halloween Costume
  6. Lobster Bunting Halloween Costume