Drum Roll Please….

Ladies and Gentlemen I am proud to announce to you the arrival of Der’s baby boy and my nephew, Aiden James. He made his debut Thursday, October 7th at 6:45pm weighing 7lbs 4oz and measuring in at 20.5 inches. I am happy to announce that both mother and baby are doing well. Here are a few pics from AJ’s first days…

I may be a tad bit biased, but I think he might be the most beautiful baby that has ever been born.

$50 Friday: Comfy and Cozy

The weather in south Texas has FINALLY cooled down a bit, and it is beginning to feel like fall. That’s got warm and cozy clothes on my mind, like this outfit…

  1. Forever 21, Fab Skinny Jeans
  2. Forever 21, Crystalline Drop Earrings
  3. Forever 21, Basic LS Fitted Top
  4. Forever 21, Leatherette Ballet Flats w/ Bow
  5. Forever 21, 3/4 Slv Shawl Sweater Cardigan

I Won’t Be Sheetfaced This Year…

As most of you already know, Halloween is on a Sunday this year. That means that the majority of you have work, or if you are a professional student like me,  you have class bright and early Monday morning. That means no Halloween party on actual Halloween. So what will I be wearing for a low-key Halloween this year? Any one of these…

  1. Get Sheetfaced Tee – This is my personal favorite 🙂
  2. Gangsta Wrap Tee
  3. I Bite Tee

Hump Day Happy Hour: Red Red Wine

I have always been a white wine girl, but lately I have expanded my horizons to the world of red. What  I have found for you ladies is a delicious and CHEAP (less than $10 a bottle) red wine, available at your local World Market store. It is slightly sweet, and not too dry. After a stressful week of exams I treated my self to a few glasses bottle of Santa Alicia Carmenere Reserva and it worked wonders…

Ruffle Me Up

I love ruffles. They are make me feel cute and girly and they can take a basic item of clothing to the next level. There are soooooo many cute ruffley items out there right now for the fall. Here are a few that are in my make believe shopping cart right now…

  1. Target, Merona Collection Women’s Heidi Ruffle Neck Top
  2. Forever21, Ruffle Trim Cardigan
  3. Target, Merona Collection Women’s Alicia Sleeveless Top
  4. Urban Original, Fahrenheit Yama Ruffled Bootie Ankle Boot
  5. Urban Original, Qupid Nadine Ruffled Peep Toe Pump
  6. Lulus, Whats All The Fuzz About? Ruffled Scarf
  7. Old Navy, Women’s Ruffled Wool Blend Coat
  8. Lulus, Windswept Beauty Dark Teal Dress

Holy Hair Powder

I have a confession.

I have thin hair. I pretty much have no more hair on my head now than what God gave me the day I entered this world. That being said, I have found the holy grail of hair products. Schwarkopf Osis Dust It Mattifying Powder (I just call it Osis because I can’t say that word either 🙂 ).  You just sprinkle a little on your roots, tease it with your fingers, and you have volume. Its a miracle.

If I want to get really crazy, I use Dust It along with Redkin Wool Shake that Sarah mentioned before. Talk about volume…

$50 Fridays: Silly Name, Serious Pants

That’s right, you guessed it ladies. I am talking about jeggings. Jean leggings. Now I was skeptical of this trend when it first arrived, mostly because of the stupid name. But let me tell you, its probably the best trend to pop up EVER.  Let me break it down for you. Take the cute look of tight skinny jeans and add the comfort of pajama pants (i.e. the elastic waist band), and you get what might be the most comfortable pant ever made.  So go forth and eat as much as you want ladies, because these pants will stretch with you.  I am going to need at least 14 pairs…

  1. Forever 21,  Fab Basic Knit Top
  2. Forever 21, Jaded Hoops
  3. Forever 21,  Basic Pull-on Jeggings I
  4. Forever 21, Silk Jacquard Scarf
  5. Urban Original, Pink Duchess Betsy Ruffled Ballet Flat

Recipe for… Clean Couches?

Lets go over the ingredients here.

I have already mentioned to you my speckled wiener dogchild.

What I did not mention is that my roommate has cat. A white and gray spotted cat.

And I have brown couches. Dark brown.
Now you may think that is a recipe for disaster… But I have a secret ingredient to add to the mix. The Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. Just swipe this baby across the couch and BAM, no more pet hair.  Its as easy as pie.

1. Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair

Sucker for Tucker for Target

I once contemplated getting a part-time job at Target, but quickly realized that I would spend my entire earnings and then some in the store, so that was a no-go. What is a go is the latest designer to hit Target stores, Tucker for Target. Here are a few items that I am currently drooling over:

  1. Tie Front Blouse in Orange Polka-Dot Print
  2. Signature Blouse in Floral Print
  3. Halter Top in Mosaic Print
  4. Velvet Dress in Burnout Print
  5. Circle Print Tee
  6. Signature Dress in Diamond Print

Melis’ Make Believe Shopping

I’m Melis, one and only sister of Der (who is currently on blog maternity leave). I’m thrilled to be joining the cast of characters here at Tipsy Society and thought I would let y’all in on a little bit about me.

I’m a 20 something grad student at the superly awesome Texas A&M University working on joining the real working world within the next year (hopefully, depending on how tipsy I get). I am a proud dog mom to a speckled weiner, named Lily. She’s my half blind handicapable dogchild and I’m sure you will hear lots more about her during my stint here.

The other thing that I need to admit is that I am a true to the game make believe shopper. I place items in my online cart with no intention of ever buying them; it’s practice shopping for when I have a real job with a real paycheck. I have been a broke college student for 5+ years now so it’s honestly just a survival technique at this point.

Here are the items currently on my make believe shopping list:

  1. Forever21, Striped Rosette Beanie
  2. Old Navy, Shark Dog Costume
  3. Old Navy, Pom Pom Fringe Scarf
  4. Forever21, Impression Suedette Heels
  5. Papaya, Studded Fringy Bag
  6. Target, Back Ruffled Dress