Hump Day Happy Hour: Wine-A-Rita

Here you go ladies…our two favorite things: Wine + Margs = HEAVEN in a glass!

Hump Day Happy Hour: Rose

Fell in LOVE w/ Pedernales Cellars during my anniversary weekend in “Texas Wine Country”. (Honestly, We liked their wine so much, we joined their wine club!)

The Garnacha Dry Rose was my absolute FAVE! I actually liked it so much that I came home w/ a case of it…

Please don’t be a wine snob and turn your nose up at a Rose…it is soooo yummy…and absolutely worth a try!

Hump Day Happy Hour: Hot Toddy

Today’s Hump Day Happy Hour is part of series of posts about the holidays! A holiday progressive post party so to speak! Go check out the Hump Day Happy Hour recipe on Elleinad Spir!

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Hump Day Happy Hour: Artist Blend

William Chris vinyards is a winery my hubby and I ran across during our yearly anniversary wine tasting outside of Fredricksburg, TX.  We bought several bottles and only recently revisted this one…OMGLOVE!!!!

Artist blend

This is a boutique winery, so you can really only buy the wine from their website…totally worth it though…


Hump Day Happy Hour: Winter White Sangria with Pomegranate

I’m going to highlight some winter/holiday inspired drinks every Wednesday for Hump Day Happy Hour.  This week a sangria found via pinterest from I’ll Have What She’s Having. In true Hump Day Happy Hour style, this looks super easy to whip together…go check out the recipe!

Hump Day Happy Hour: Beer Can Shandies

I’m not much of a beer drinker but when I saw this recipe in People magazine Country Special (I know, I know, shut it) I thought this actually looked like something I’d be up for. This is a Deen Brothers, of Paula Deen, recipe and I believe it can be found in their cookbook, Get Fired Up.

Beer Can Shandies
6 (12oz) cans of your favorite beer
1 (16oz) carton of lemonade

Open a can of lager and drink four sips. Top remaining beer with lemonade. Swirl to combine, adding more lemonade as desired.

Hump Day Happy Hour: Skinny Margaritas

A friend recently shared this recipe with my husband and since I’m not one to ever turn away a margarita, I had to try one. And since these are basically guilt-free libations we will definitely be partaking in them pretty regularly at our casa.  You will want to try these, trust me.

1oz silver tequila
11/2 to 2 oz fresh lime juice
Agave syrup to taste
Splash of soda water
Over crushed ice

Hump Day Happy Hour: Mimosa Pop

So I’m sure you all know by now that its as hot as the fire of a thousand suns still here…. And I’m not sure if you all know about the Zoku, but I’m going to try and combine all things good into this Hump Day Happy Hour.  Alcohol + Zoku= More happiness!

Mimosa Pops-Head on over to the Zoku site for the full recipe but you just need Champagne, Strawberries, Orange Juice and a Zoku!

Hump Day Happy Hour: Survival Juice

I saw this drink the other day on Under a Pink Moon and I can’t stop thinking about it! I SOOOO want to try it!! You can just take a guess as to what is on my grocery list and I could definitely use some sort of survival juice up in this hizzouse lately.

Shot of St. Germaine Liquor (Elderflower Liquor)
Club Soda
Prosecco (or dry white wine)
Generous squeeze of fresh lime
Lemon Sweet & Sour (optional)

Hump Day Happy Hour: Lime Sorbet Margaritas

Another Pinterest find…SUPER EASY!

Lime Sorbet in a sugar rimmed glass, add tequila!