iPad Apps I am LOVING

Aside from the apps from Night & Day Studios that we told you about yesterday (have you entered the giveaway yet?) I’ve got a couple of new favorites that I wanted to tell you about.

First, Montessori Approach to Geography-United States of America.
This app is pretty great at giving your kiddo some basic info about the states and allowing them to puzzle them together to form the United States. My son has been working with this app for a couple of weeks now and he’s definitely got a lot of the states down by shape. He especially likes to say TEXAS!!

Next, Bob Books (There’s a #1 and #2)
This app is not just iPad friendly, it’s also for iPhone and iTouch. It’s a phonics based educational game. Your child will see a very basic sentence. They can hear the sentence, then they can put the letters together and hear each letter and how it makes up the word. Pretty great for early/first readers.

Giveaway! Apps for Kids

Hey everybody, we’ve got a little giveaway today! I am definitely always on the hunt for some good iPhone or iPad apps for my kiddos.  I’ve got some favorites that I am going to tell you about tomorrow, however today I am going to tell you about some brand new apps by Night & Day Studios!!

First up…Caillou’s World for iPad

Caillou’s World will show your child a scene in black and white and then highlight in color a specific object. They then have to decide what letter that object starts with. After they do this a few times the whole picture will show up in full color. Your child will be overjoyed at this point. LOL!!

Next up…Peekaboo Barn!

Remember when we told you about Peekaboo Barn? Well y’all it’s totally revamped! More languages! And my absolute favorite feature…record your own voice! The possibilities of the record your own voice thing you guys! Grandparents could record, Parents, an older sibling?!

Lastly, I want to tell you about Richard Scarry’s Busytown.

I am super excited to try this app out with the kiddo. You can dress characters, you can explore rooms and touch and interact with different items on the screen. My first impression of this is that it’s similar to those Look & Find books you see…try and find this item type of thing. My son LOVES those kind of things, so I’m super pumped to play this with him.

So there you have it! Night & Day Studios has so graciously decided to giveaway one of each of these new apps to one lucky Tipsy reader.

If you want to enter the giveaway, leave a comment letting us know which device you would use it on, your iPhone or iPad.

The Rules

One entry per person. No entries after 5:00 pm Central Time Friday. Winners will be randomly selected from among entrants. Winners will be announced Monday.

Postcard + Instagram=Postagram!

Postagram is an iPhone app that lets you select a photo to be sent as a postcard to whomever you’d like and that person can take the photo and pop out the picture and frame it!

How cool is that?! I think this is PERFECT for grandparents and other relatives for instagrams of your kids OR a perfect way to create your own postcard from a trip you are currently on.  Uber cool!

For Keepsy

I’m sure by now y’all are all aware that we are Instagram users and abusers. Yep, I plaster photos of my kiddo all up in random people’s faces all day long with that super fantastic Iphone app (derberto if you are looking for me). Did you know you can also use Keepsy to create a photobook of your Instagram pics? WHA-WHA!

iPhone Apps: Preschool Memory Match

So, my better half got an iPad.  The kiddo has renamed the iPad “the big phone” because most of the games he can play on our iPhones he can now play on the iPad.  One of those games is Preschool Memory Match and what I LOVE about it is that each game is different and it says the name of whatever is behind the card out loud whether it’s an animal or musical instrument or whatever.

The downside of this game:

An Apple a Day

So I’m curious…how many of you have Apple TV? Do you use it a ton and if so how has it worked for you thus far?  We have TiVo and will at times rent movies from Amazon Video on Demand and download them to the TiVo.  Other times we watch stuff on the TiVo’s Netflix streaming.  The Netflix streaming sucks a bit because it times out here and there and can be very frustrating.  I’m curious for those of you that have Apple TV, does yours time out?  We are just wondering if we need to add an Apple TV to our home.  What say you?

Holiday Gift Guides: Last Minute

You know who you are, those people that wait until the last possible second to buy gifts for all your peeps. I’ve never been this person, but I would imagine if I was, that it would be easiest to buy everything from one store…you know, one stop shop, and my shop of choice: Target!

  1. Canon SD1300 Digital Camera
  2. Boston Traveler Croc Print Leather Checkbook Wallet
  3. Digital Décor 7″ LCD Slim Digital Photo Frame
  4. Global Girlfriend Darling Dots Scarf

Manly Stocking Stuffers

So I gave y’all some ideas for Girly Stocking Stuffers yesterday.  Here’s my version of the dude edition.

  1. Lotto Tickets-What man would not get excited about the possibility of winning a ton of money?!
  2. iPod Shuffle, Apple-These are only $49!
  3. Hanes Crew Socks, Amazon-Men are always losing socks. They will always need more.
  4. J&D’s Bacon Salt, Amazon-I love the tagline on this… “Everything should taste like bacon”.
  5. iTunes Gift Card, Amazon-Music! Books! Whichever!
  6. Penguin Mints, Think Geek-Caffeinated mints for those late night work crunches.
  7. Magwear Magnetic Wristband, Uncommon Goods-I gave these a few years ago and they were a huge hit!

Holiday Gift Guides: Gamers

Have someone in your life who is glued to the games?  I live with a couple of them, and I must say, there is a never a shortage of ideas for things to buy.  A few of these were specific suggestions from Ben, some I just thought would be a really neat.

  1. Eat Sleep Game – I bought a very similar shirt for Ben one year and he loved.
  2. Gaming Keyboard
  3. Harmony One Remote – to help facilitate all the gaming.
  4. Gaming Headset – this just says badass.
  5. Rock Band 3 Bundle
  6. Super Mario 2 Galaxy Wii
  7. Gran Turismo 5 PS3
  8. Call of Duty Black Ops – if any gamer doesn’t already have this game, its a must.

Christmas Wishlist: Sarah Edition

I think the rule should be…if you’re carrying a baby around in your stomach, you should get everything on your list…right!?!?!?!

  1. Target, Simply Shabby Chic® Blue Linen Duvet Set: My house if over run with red…including my 2 guest rooms…I think this would tone down my fave color and add a lot of warmth.
  2. Best Buy, Nikon D3100: You know, to take fabulous pics of my sure-to-be adorable bambino(a).
  3. Anthropologie,  Beaded Swag Bib Necklace: I don’t think I have any yellow jewelry!
  4. Amazon, Fiesta Oval Serving Bowl: I learned from my girl AK, you can never have too many serving pieces! 🙂
  5. Amazon, Fiesta Utensil Crock: You know, to also break up the oh so much red in my house…
  6. Endless.com, Tamarac Pile-lined Moccasin: These are for my soon to come swollen ankles…
  7. The Container Store, Double Acrylic Shelves: I would actually use this as a small end table in my nursery…so it’s not “technically” for me.
  8. Sur la Table, Cuisinart Mini Food Processor: I’m actually considering making my own baby food and I hear a food processor is a must…so again, “technically” not for me.