Hump Day Happy Hour: Berry Christmas Punch

I consider this the home stretch of planning all the get togethers and meals surrounding the holiday season.  This is sure to be a crowd pleaser, looks its takes a bit of prep, but could really pay off!

  • 1.5 liters Ocean Spray raspberry cranberry, well chilled
  • 2  bottles of sparkling wine, well chilled
  • 1/2 cup Cointreau
  • 2 limes, quartered
  • 1 cup strawberries, washed, halved
  • 3/4 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 cup raspberries
  • 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves

Pour the cranberry juice, sparkling wine and Cointreau into a punch bowl. Use your hands to squeeze some of the juice from the limes into the punch. Stir. Add the squeezed limes to the punch. Add the strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and mint leaves. Dunzo.

Some of the other tipsy gals have really cool pitchers to serve this out of, like the ones shown here, I think it would be a shoe-in to a berry merry Christmas!

Rock on

I think it was seeing two of my favorite bands, Muse and Silversun Pickups that got me in the mood for this post.  I absolutely love going to concerts.  I have a great concert schedule lined up with Ben this summer and I really can’t wait.  As a tribute to all things that rock, check out these items.

  1. Guitar  Spatula
  2. Muse Carpenter Headphones – I saw these and thought they were for true music lovers.  This site has some really modern twists on the average earbud.
  3. Ipod Hoodie – are you kidding me?  Did someone read my mind and all things I HEART before they decided to design this.  Honestly, I see no real functional purpose for this, but love the hell out of  it.
  4. Recycled Vinyl Coasters –  too cute.  Also, this site where I found these is too neat.
  5. Ticket Diary – who keeps every.single.ticket.stub?  I do and I think this is the perfect place to store these babies and give them the attention they deserve.
  6. Owl Ipod Case – owls are everywhere now, but I swear AK was ahead of that trend.  This ones for you AK!
  7. Guitar Picture Frame – I think a pic of Ben and I at our fav concert would be perfect in this.  Plus, love the original look and feel.
  8. Music Necklace – simple and love the purple.

I Made Milwaukee Famous

I <3 concerts.  I go to as many as often as I possibly can (given the schedule with a 7-year-old and work).  One band that everyone needs to check out regardless of the genre you gravitate to is What Made Milwakee Famous.  They (WMMF) are awesome and from Austin, even better!!!

My boyfriend and I got the luxury of sitting about 10 feet away from them when they played at Warehouse Live in Houston on Friday, December 11th.


If you want to get a quick taste of them, check out my personal favorite, “Cheap Wine“!  I bought the CD for my honey and I absolutely am stealing it from him love it.