Toddler Tees That Rock

I’ve purchased a few tees for my little man in the recent weeks.  You can tell I’m somewhat of a robot fanatic as of late.  And DUDE, the wolf tee is so so so ridiculously funny that it’s cool!! We’ll move him up to the tri-wolf tee when he gets a little older and he can pull that off successfully. Can I get a what what from all the little boy mamas?!  What are your little dude’s wearing?

  1. Gap, Bright Graphic T
  2. Hopscotch Tees, Robot
  3. Gap, Bright Graphic T
  4. Critter Jitter’s Etsy Shop, Toddler Wolf Tee
  5. Dylan S’ Etsy Shop, Robot Tee
  6. Happy Family Etsy Shop, Grumpy Robot Raglan Tee

Forever Young

So, Forever 21 has done a lot for me and all you ladies and gents out there.  I think their price point is what really draws people in.  2 dollas for a shirt?  Sold.  99 cents for a ring?  Count me in.

They’ve evolved and gotten even smarter.  Kids clothing.  HTG81 to be exact.   Cause what parent doesn’t waste just as much money on clothes for kids as they do for themselves? I am partial to the boys clothing because I would prefer my son wear boys clothing, but they have really cute items for chickadees as well–here are some of my favs:

BAM! Gifted*

I thought I would share with all of you some of the presents my little family procured on Jesus’ Birthday.  I’ll let you guess who got what.  We are all absolutely in love with our presents but only one of us (my son, Jack) goes and kisses their present (the monkey) multiple times a day.

  1. Little Tykes Smart Trike, Amazon
  2. Silly Monkey, My Pillow Pets
  3. Rick Bayless’ Mexican Everyday, Amazon
  4. Apple Gift Card,
  5. Brother Sewing Machine, Amazon

What did yall get?

*That’s a little modified “The Office” humor for my husband because I like to make him laugh

Christmas List: 7-year-old BOY Edition!

Anyone want to know whats on a 7-year-old’s Christmas list…?? Here it is.

cr-atm xmas list

  1. New Super Mario Bros for Wii –  will Mommy want to play?  Mayyyybe.   Some of my favorite memories of Austin and I together have come from when I conquered SMB on Austin’s DS about a year ago.  I felt like a hero with him cheering me on 🙂
  2. Star Wars Table Top Electric Pinball – Darth Vader + Pinball = awesome.
  3. Star Wars Lego Star Wars Limited Edition X-Wing Fighter – see above.  Star Wars + Lego = awesomer.  Finding miscellaneous Rebel Alliance Lego parts all over the house for years=priceless.
  4. Pokemon Sleeping Bag – Do we go camping alot?  No.  Do we have tons of uses for a Pokemon themed sleeping bag?  Hellz yes.
  5. Blockus – strategy game that my son will love and I will hopefully master and be able to rub it in his face.  HAHAHA!  I mean Ho Ho Ho!
  6. Pokemon Puzzle – we can put this together while zipped up in #4!
  7. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days – this is the fourth book in this series and my son has finished the three before it.  Like I always tell Austin….always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. Seriously though, this series is great, and it keeps Austin hungry to read.  Win, win.
  8. Snap on Digi Camera – Can hold up to 40 pics and its spring clip prevents it from being lost yeah right.
  9. Guess Who – does your person have hair?  does your person have glasses?  does your person have wrinkles?  Whoever that is, thats one ugly ass person.  But I love playing this game with Austin.

As a side note, Ben (my boyfriend) and I Santa may or may not have shopped at this year for many of these items 🙂

If Boys Were Dolls…

I would dress my boy up in all these cuter than cute things. I can hope and dream all the live long day, but there is pretty much no way in hell my husband is going to sport any of this…but a girl can dream! So, for any of you ladies with more pull in the wardrobe department than I have… check out some of these super fly looks for men.

der-dressing a boy

  1. Banana Republic, Heritage Wool Dip-Dyed V-Neck
  2. Old Navy, Mens Brimmed Sweater Knit Beanies
  3. Gap, Indigo Denim Jacket
  4. Old Navy, Frost Free Quilted Vest
  5. Forever21, Mens Pin Up Girls Tee
  6. Gap, Cord Drivers Cap