Christmas in Review: Court

Man o Man does Ben Santa really have my number.  Here’s a few of my favorite items that I raked in this holiday!

  1. Better Home and Garden Patio Furniture Set – Mimi and PawPaw gave this to both Ben and I.  I can’t wait to have some friends and family over to enjoy this set.  It’s fits perfect with my decor.
  2. Fortune Cookie Soap – these things are too cute.  They actually all have a paper fortune in there, but are the perfect accent for my guest bathroom.
  3. Cat Necklace – since I’ve been banned by Ben and the city I believe from obtaining another kittah, Ben got me this.  I absolutely adore it!
  4. I CAN HAZ Calendar – this is actually the first year they printed these.  Looks great on my office wall.

I’ll tell you where I didn’t hit it big and that was the lotto tix in Aus, Ben and my stockings.  Of all the tickets we scratched we won $2 collectively! Everything else made up for it though.

I love my kittahs this much

So much that I think all four of my kittahs needs these costumes for Halloween these year.

These come from a great Etsy shop, xmoonbloom,  that specializes in crochet cute stuff.  Side note:  yes, I am the proud bad shit crazy owner of four kittahs.  Check it.

  1. Rabbit
  2. Monster
  3. Bear
  4. Devil

Crate and Barrel Announces Pet Line

and my wallet announces a HUGE CHUNK of cash missing. Love the classic patterns, and love seeing some cat lurv!

  1. Large Dog Collar
  2. Small Dog Collar
  3. Dog Bowl
  4. Cat Mat
  5. Catnip Toys
  6. Paw Charm
  7. Dog Bed

Cute gifts? I’ve got you covered.

Love this site and its goodies.  Aster + Sage has some of the most simple unique items that I think would make great gifts.  Oh and I want one of everything, okthxbai.

  1. Wine bag
  2. Catupon
  3. Animal head necklace
  4. Cat Necklace
  5. Reversible hoops
  6. Bracelet
  7. Jewelry Envelope

Update: Because this site is so completely cool, they are offering FREE SHIPPING to all of our readers through Friday if you use the code tipsyshipfree. Readers keep us posted on your purchases!!!!

Spruce Up Those Pet Bowls

I am an animal lover through and through, but I also love keeping the house nice and tidy.  I started looking at some new and trendy pet bowls and was amazed.  Had to share.

  1. Dogleg Diner
  2. Twin Bowls
  3. Three Bowl Server – thought this would be great for Der’s three weenies, Zoe, Luca, and Mia.
  4. Wild Rock Bowl
  5. Skate Bowls
  6. Foldable Bowldog
  7. Zen Bowl
  8. Deli Dome – interactive food and treat dispenser for your favorite kittah.  Whaaaa???

Modern Cat, I Love You.

I am lovin on a couple of cat things right now.  Modern Cat’s blog and Modern Cat’s Etsy shop. I could just browse for days. I’ve recently been talking with my kittahs about what they want for their birthdays and they listed off these.

Mad about Mod-Dog

I think we have a bit of a competition brewing between the Tipsy Ladies.  Who can acquire the most 4 legged friends (kittahs or doxies) and even better….who can buy the most shit for them to play with, that looks like them, to put on them or just honoring them?  Der, your slowly turning into the crazy wiener lady.  Very questionable name.

I am very crazy cat lady who is CRAZY about this Mod-dog’s work.

  1. Personalized Fine Art – gotta love Pablo.
  2. Mod Dachshund Print – I got this in Grass Green for Der’s birthday.  Matted it and framed it like shown and may love it more than she does.
  3. Mod Main Coon Cat Print
  4. Copper Pet ID Tag
  5. Labrador Retriever Note cards – this has Sarah name all over it (re: Abby her 3 year old baby lab).

Their tagline is cute:  Modern Art for Modern Pets.  That can also be translated into Modern Art for pet owners that are bat.shit.crazy for their four legged friends.

I Love My Pet This Many Dollars Worth

I am going to preface this post by saying that these are adorable and are a representation of how my kittahs would live if I had all the monies in the world.  I would also love to shower my cats with awesome bedding and furniture if it weren’t for the fact that every.single.night Tiger ends up in my bed and Dill Pickle ends up in Austin’s.  Nothing better than curling up with a good kittah!

Either way, cat or dog, all of these are ADORABLE.

  1. Hepper Pod
  2. Kitty Pod Mini
  3. Hepper Wave
  4. Woven Pet Basket
  5. Modern Cat Designs Condo
  6. EGR Sun Blossoms Dog Bed

Anyone care to share where their cat or dog sleeps?

Crazy Cat Lady: Ornament Edition

When my TP (Tipsy Pal) AK showed these to me, I knew I had to share with all of you.  These are too cute and encompass everything about me.  Someone that is obsessed with cats and funky at the same time.

cr-cat ornaments

After digging a little deeper, I found the creator of these little jewels (Old World Primitives) not only has her own Etsy shop, but has a neat little unique blog as well.  Enjoy!  Or just laugh at how nuts I am.

P.S.  Lets say you aren’t as awesome as I am and want these in dogs–she’s got em!  See here.

cr-dog ornaments

Merry Caturday!

Looking for some cute ways to put your favorite feline through hell in a costume?  Searching for some  festive fun for your kittah?  Search no more!


  1. Holiday Snowflake Cape
  2. Plaid Holiday Bow tie
  3. Spiral Toy
  4. Holiday Feather Teaser