Ween For Your Ring

We all know I have 3 crazed lunatic weiner dogs that think they own my house. While, they have take backstage to this little adorable creature for the last nine months +

I do still care for these weenies more than most would if they ever saw how nuts they are. That being said, I guess I’m still a crazy weenie dog lady and when I saw this… Well, its a weenie ring holder aka a ween for your rings and OMG its cute!

Charlotte Russe, Weiner Dog Ring Holder

A Little Weiner Love

Der posted recently about all the weiner dog finds available for babies but we have been remiss in our duties to all you weiner loving ladies out there. So here you go ladies, enjoy!

  1. Modcloth, Are Weiner There Yet? Luggage Tag
  2. Modcloth, Blue the Dachshund Necklace
  3. Walmart, Women’s Graphic Short Sleeved Tee
  4. Etsy.com, Happy Dachshund Display Platter
  5. Etsy.com, Dachshund Ring -This item will probably be on my finger in the very near future. Too cute!!
  6. Etsy.com, Picasso Weiner Dog Pendant Necklace
  7. Etsy.com, Custom Dachshund T-shirt
  8. Etsy.com, Keep Calm and Carry A Dachshund Pillow

Boy After My Own Weiner Loving Heart

I’ve made it pretty clear in the past that my top choice of animal is a weiner dog. I own three and while they drive me to the brink of my sanity almost daily and my mother is convinced that since the baby came that I don’t love them, I do love them. See Mom, if I didn’t love them they would be dead by now. Dead because I would have killed them with my bare hands.

My love is so deep that it wasn’t enough to have 3 of those fools running around like they own the place and a weiner dog themed baby nursery… I need my son to be loaded up with weiner dog gear too. Here are some super adorable finds, whether you are a weiner lover or not. Feel better now, Mom?

  1. Target, Weiner Tee
  2. Target, Weiner Romper
  3. Etsy, Weiner Onesie
  4. Target, Weiner Neck Support
  5. Target, Weiner Tshirt Romper

Dress ‘Em Up To Take Them For a Walk

I’ve decided I am going to somehow convince Ben that we need, absolutely have to have, a dog. Reason?  So they can sport one of these ties.  Dogs need holiday or interview attire as well.  These are the perfect option.

Only issue I’m having is that if you have a girl dog.  Still ok to sport one of these?  I think yes–just go for the Avril Lavigne or Diane Keaton look.

Its Hallowiener Time Again!

Seeing as Halloween is just around the corner, I thought I would let y’all in on some costume options I am contemplating this year. Not for me, but for my weiner… Do any of you dress up your pet??

  1. Target, Wizard of Oz Dorothy Pet Costume : Love the wig!
  2. Glamour Dog, Hot Diggity Dog : Always a classic
  3. Target, Banana Split Pet Costume
  4. Costume Craze, Smurfs Dog Costume
  5. First Rate Pet Supplies, Pumpkin Pooch Dog Costume
  6. Doggie Vogue, Pawfield Fire Chief Costume

    For those of you out there who do not want to take away all of your dog’s dignity this year, you could always go with one of these…

  7. Etsy.com, Halloween Pumpkin Dog Collar and Flower Set
  8. Etsy.com, Boo Reversible Neckerchief
  9. Etsy.com, Halloween Dogs Bowtie

Melis’ Make Believe Shopping

I’m Melis, one and only sister of Der (who is currently on blog maternity leave). I’m thrilled to be joining the cast of characters here at Tipsy Society and thought I would let y’all in on a little bit about me.

I’m a 20 something grad student at the superly awesome Texas A&M University working on joining the real working world within the next year (hopefully, depending on how tipsy I get). I am a proud dog mom to a speckled weiner, named Lily. She’s my half blind handicapable dogchild and I’m sure you will hear lots more about her during my stint here.

The other thing that I need to admit is that I am a true to the game make believe shopper. I place items in my online cart with no intention of ever buying them; it’s practice shopping for when I have a real job with a real paycheck. I have been a broke college student for 5+ years now so it’s honestly just a survival technique at this point.

Here are the items currently on my make believe shopping list:

  1. Forever21, Striped Rosette Beanie
  2. Old Navy, Shark Dog Costume
  3. Old Navy, Pom Pom Fringe Scarf
  4. Forever21, Impression Suedette Heels
  5. Papaya, Studded Fringy Bag
  6. Target, Back Ruffled Dress

Crate and Barrel Announces Pet Line

and my wallet announces a HUGE CHUNK of cash missing. Love the classic patterns, and love seeing some cat lurv!

  1. Large Dog Collar
  2. Small Dog Collar
  3. Dog Bowl
  4. Cat Mat
  5. Catnip Toys
  6. Paw Charm
  7. Dog Bed

Weiner Love

I feel like with all this baby talk over at my crib, these doxies aren’t getting the spotlight like they have in the past. Although if they were taller, they could see the wall of their mugshots gracing my bambino’s nursery. Here are some weiner lover delights that I have stumbled upon as of lately.

  1. Etsy, Dachshund Crayon Holder
  2. Etsy, Tofu The Gentle Dachshund
  3. Etsy, Modern Happy Dog Clock
  4. Etsy, Salchicha
  5. Etsy, Dachshund Bun Bed
  6. Etsy, Dachshund Paper Towel Holder
  7. Etsy, Amusing Dachshund Pillows
  8. Etsy, Hot Dog Coasters

Weiner Nightmares

I have a fear. It keeps me awake at night sometimes… well, more likely it’s the pregnancy keeping me awake, but I have a fear nonetheless. It’s a real situation: What if my weens eat my baby? Sure, they can be all sweet and innocent, but I have evidence to the contrary.

I’m a little concerned about this and would like to throw this out to the jury. Do y’all have any tips for blending pets with new additions?

Pupcakes for the Pups

When my weiners have been extra good… ok, when they just look at me really cute… I think they deserve an extra special treat. I have found some really interesting recipes for PUPCAKES! Um, how cute is that name??? And WHO could deny this face a pupcake?