$50 Friday: Backyard BBQin with Style

Tis the season of hanging in your backyard and tossing back a few while you roast up some goodness on that BBQ pit, at least in Texas it is. Here is a cute and casual outfit that will be just as stylish as it is comfy.

  1. Forever 21, Filigree Crescent Earrings
  2. Forever 21, Cuffed Bermudas
  3. Kohls, Asymmetrical Ruffle Top
  4. Kohls, Beaded Disc Flip Flops

$50 Fridays: All Tiered Up

I spotted a dress almost identical to this at my JCrew outlet for 3 times this price and wanted it so badly… and then the bargain Gods brought me this cute little number. What a great summer dress or swim suit cover up for the beach!

  1. Forever21, Sunglasses
  2. Walmart, Tiered Dress
  3. Forever21, Peacock Feather Earrings
  4. Target, Braided Sandals

$50 Fridays: Rule Breaker

Horizontal stripes are all the rage and I am one HUGE fan, rules be damned. This little top is so perfect for summer time I could just squeal. With the way the temps are a climbin’ in these parts, it might as well be summer time right now. BRING ON THE POOL!

  1. Walmart, Chino Shorts
  2. Target, Mirrored Flops
  3. Forever 21, Striped Top
  4. Forever21, Flattened Leaf Earrings

$50 Fridays: La Mexicana

I like Mexican themed clothing.  The tiered skirts and puffed blouses really are timeless pieces that I will always keep in my wardrobe no matter how many times I see not to on What Not to Wear. Here is a cutie that I picked up for $10!

  1. Walmart, Mexican Blouse
  2. Forever21, Shimmering Beaded Earrings
  3. Target, Flat Thong Sandal
  4. Walmart, Cuffed Bermuda Shorts

$50 Fridays: Poke A Dot

Second to stripes, a polka dot would be my favorite print. Something about it just says sunny warm weather to me. I think maybe it’s that song about the tweenie weenie polka dot bikini, who knows…. I love them nonetheless.

  1. Walmart, Polka Dot Dress
  2. Charlotte Russe, Open Stamped Disc Earrings
  3. Charlotte Russe, Link Circled Stretch Belt
  4. Target, Braided Flat Sandals

$50 Fridays: Sand in My Toes

Our dear little friend Court will be attending a beachside wedding this summer and that got me to day dreaming of what I would wear to such an event. Well, here is it folks. I would keep it simple in an airy knit dress and go really snazzy on my accessories.

  1. Target, One Shoulder Ruffle Dress
  2. Forever21, Beaded Class Earrings
  3. Forever21, Woven Cuff Bracelet
  4. Target, Beaded Flat Sandals

$50 Fridays: Derlounge

Somehow while I was a beached whale of a pregger on my couch, Court coined a new term: Derlounge. It was basically a lot of what I did at the end of my pregnancy… derlounge around the house. We still use that term on a daily basis in our conversations. I thought of that verb when I contemplated buying this skirt in all colors because I could totally see myself derlounging in it all summer long.

  1. Target, Double Layered Shirred V Neck Tee (totally on sale this week!)
  2. Target, Belted Leisure Skirt
  3. Forever 21, Braided Trim Earrings
  4. Target, Bronzed Embellished Flip Flops

$50 Fridays: Ablazin’

In all my interwebs scouring, I have run across this striped blazer several times and each time I think I NEED it. Too bad it’s not in stores or I would already OWN it. I’m thinking it’s time I bite the bullet and ORDER it.

  1. Walmart, French Terry Nautical Stripped Cropped Blazer
  2. Forever 21, Fab Ribbed Knit Tank
  3. Forever 21,  Textured Hoop Earring
  4. Walmart,  Women’s Cuffed Capri
  5. Walmart, Women’s Ada Glitter Flats

$50 Fridays: Rhinestone Cowgirl

As AK previously stated, its all Rodeo all the time here in Houston this time of year and we city cowgirls need cute outfits to roll up to the rodeo in. I’ll be ropin a few beers rather than cows, so this dress will do just fine.

  1. 15 Dollar Store, Slouched Cowboy Boots
  2. Walmart, Denim Dress
  3. Forever21, Earrings
  4. Forever21, Bracelets

$50 Fridays: They Say It’s Your Birthday!

Today is my birthday. It is finally warm enough for my toes to venture out in flip flops, so that is what I am doing…in this exact outfit today. That is all…. off to lunch with my Tipsy ladies. Tata!

  1. Old Navy, Floral Blouse
  2. Forever 21, Sunglasses
  3. Old Navy, Drawstring Jeans
  4. Forever 21, Hammered Hoops
  5. Old Navy, Flip Flops