In with the Oversized

I have ALWAYS been a person who prefers their clothing on the looser side.  My husband CAN NOT stand this about me… he would like for me to wear a bandage dress around the house all day every day. That is just not me. Right now I am really digging the trend of the oversized tee! It fits right into my comfort zone and allows me to stay right on trend at the same time. Here are a few that I think would look pretty good hanging in my closet.


Target, Short Sleeved Tee with Sheer Front
Old Navy, Pocket Crewneck Tee
Forever 21, Oversized Striped Tee
Gap, Luxe Jersey Baseball Tee
Forever 21, Colorblocked Dolman Top
LOFT, Star Jacquard Wedge Tee Blouse

Captured by Chambray

I’m beginning to think that my love for chambray could very well trump my love of stripes in the very near future.  Could that really happen??? Well, I am coveting all of these chambray pieces hard core right now for my whole family.

  1. Old Navy, Red Chambray Shirt
  2. Gap, Mens Lightweight Chambray Jacket
  3. Target, Merona Chambray Scarf
  4. Gap, Chambray Driving Cap for Boys
  5. Alloy, Paper Bag Waist Pants
  6. Gap, Boys Chambray Button Down


Target on Top of Their Game

I can never go into Target without browsing their clothing section. Through my recent perusing, this is what I laid my eyes on and I am oh too smitten!

  1. Target, Sleeveless Top with Looped Ruffles
  2. Target, Slub Scoop Neck Dress
  3. Target, Iris Woven Top
  4. Target, Converse One Star Maggie Abstract Print Top
  5. Target, Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie
  6. Target, Tab Sleeve Cardigan

Sweating it Out

I’m waiting, very impatiently for the ability to wear sweaters and boots and scarves and to put a beanie on my still almost bald baby’s head. Old Navy’s new arrivals have me drooling and sweating all at the same time. Why must they taunt me with adorable fall finds when they know damn well I won’t be able to even think about putting them on for months! Riddle me that?

  1. Printed Zip Front Cardigans
  2. Raglan Boatneck Sweaters
  3. Shawl Collar Sleeveless Cardigans
  4. Faux Leather Riding Boots
  5. Colorblock Boatneck Tees
  6. Shawl Collar Cardigans


Colorblocking has been a big trend lately and I must say I am a big fan. The limited has some uber cute options for anyone who shares my opinion of this trend. That kimono top and halter top are needed in my wardrobe stat!

  1. Colorblock Bow Top
  2. Colorblock Halter
  3. Colorblock Kimono Top
  4. Colorblock Knotted Necklace
  5. Colorblock Straight Leg Pant
  6. Colorblock Crewneck Sweater
  7. Colorblock Skirt
  8. Colorblock Motorcycle Jacket

A little in love with Alloy

I’m over summer. I’m over my summer clothing options. Shorts. Tees. Flops. BLAH.  We won’t be seeing fall for some LONG time around here, but that has not stopped me from browsing things to wear in not 1021544 degree temps. That brought me to these delicious finds at Alloy. Adorable, check it.

  1. Rouched Doloman Tee
  2. Caprise Blouse
  3. Veronica Colorblock Top
  4. Megan Blouse
  5. Colorblock Stripe Top
  6. Stripe Kangaroo Pocket Top

Pinterest: Outfit Love

Hi my name is AK and I’m a Pinterest addict.  This is a recent development in my life, so bear with me as I show you this week all the things I’ve fallen in love with on Pinterest.

Today I’m starting with outfits.  Seeing all these outfits gives me a ton of inspiration to shop my closet and put things together that I normally wouldn’t.  It also makes me long for fall/winter so I can start wearing my beloved cardigans again.

  1. mustard cardigan/striped top/light blue shorts
  2. coral top/aqua necklace (if you are not currently following Kendi Everyday I IMPLORE you to start, I love her outfits and love her humor)
  3. grey top/gold statement necklace (I found this via Ms Cardigan Junkie herself who you should also be following)
  4. aqua cardigan/coral and white striped top
  5. black and white top/turquoise necklace/ruffle cardigan
  6. burnt orange cardigan/gingham top/leopard shoes
  7. blue top/orange scarf/fun earrings
  8. grey tee/orange cardigan/turquoise jewelry/tan bag

Are you on Pinterest? Have you found an outfit combo you love lately, do tell!

My Inner Jersey Girl

I like the show Jerseylicious. I’m not going to hang my head in shame over it. It’s about hair and make-up and it’s ridiculously dressed ladies and their drama. I watch it, shamlessly. They love an animal print on that show. And while I don’t plaster my walls with cheetah print murals, it really is growing on me in a way I never knew it could. Look at these cute, cute things that are oh so cheetah, but only maybe a small percent Jersey.

  1. Forever 21, Blouson Leopard Top
  2. Charlotte Russe, Animal Print T Back Top
  3. Forever 21, Leopard and Zipper Top
  4. Charlotte Russe, Animal Print Chiffon Tank
  5. Forever 21, Leopard Criss Cross Top
  6. Forever 21, Burn Out Leopard Print Tee

New Navy

There are many o’ top that I would like to cloak my body in from Old Navy right now.  Any one of these babies is more than welcome to find it’s way into my wardrobe rotation asap.

  1. Smocked Boatneck Top
  2. Semi Sheer Ruffle Tier Top
  3. Lace Yoke Jersey Tank
  4. Ruffle Trim Henley
  5. Ruffle Drop Waist Top
  6. Ruffle Gauze Drop Waist Top

I’m Back with Chad


I used to think you were for old women when I saw your catalogs, but then several years ago I ordered a slew of to die for tops and dresses. Then you went into another slump where I thought everything you sold was UG. And now, well you won me back. Take a look.

  1. Flyaway Drape Sweater
  2. Shimmer Ruffle Dress
  3. Kimono Wrap Dress
  4. Pleated Tunic
  5. Relaxed Pleated Tunic
  6. Woven Trim Shell