Ruffle Me Up

I love ruffles. They are make me feel cute and girly and they can take a basic item of clothing to the next level. There are soooooo many cute ruffley items out there right now for the fall. Here are a few that are in my make believe shopping cart right now…

  1. Target, Merona Collection Women’s Heidi Ruffle Neck Top
  2. Forever21, Ruffle Trim Cardigan
  3. Target, Merona Collection Women’s Alicia Sleeveless Top
  4. Urban Original, Fahrenheit Yama Ruffled Bootie Ankle Boot
  5. Urban Original, Qupid Nadine Ruffled Peep Toe Pump
  6. Lulus, Whats All The Fuzz About? Ruffled Scarf
  7. Old Navy, Women’s Ruffled Wool Blend Coat
  8. Lulus, Windswept Beauty Dark Teal Dress

Hair be Gone

(Taboo subject ahead)

I was born with a lot of hair…especially on my head (which is good), but also when it came to ‘brows and my lip (which is not so good). Thankfully, my Mom recognized at en early age that it just wasn’t fair for her gorgeous daughter to be walking around with a unibrow so I began getting my ‘brows and lip waxed at the tender age of 13…THANK YOU MOM!!!!!

I still go and get waxed every 6 to 8 weeks, but when life gets a little hectic, Sally Hanson Wax Strips are the bomb! I only use them to keep my lip fuzz free, but you can also use them for any type of unwanted hair situation…then also hurt a lot less than the hot wax, which is another bonus.

Mirror, Mirror

Sarah has posted on our monthly Keno games before and this was the hot item that was stolen out of many hands at our last game. I mean what girl doesn’t need a mirror in her purse that also is so funny it cracks her shit up everyday?  I mean we could all use a little humor in our lives. AMIRITE?

Amazon, Compact Mirror by Anne Taintor

Alloy Matey!

I’m lame, I know. But what’s not lame… I have a treat for you folks and here it goes. Adorable overload, get ready.

  1. Alloy, Vanessa Racerback Dress
  2. Alloy, Bella One Shoulder
  3. Alloy, Ava Knit Maxi Dress
  4. Alloy, Stella Racerback
  5. Alloy, Beaded Halter Tank
  6. Alloy, Prism Collar
  7. Alloy, Lena Bag
  8. Alloy, Rosette Trimmed Baby Doll

Lil’ Green Diamond

Ok, ladies, you know the drill, I love Asian Art, Jewels and Gems.

Jade stands out as the more versatile gem–I think it looks great on everyone, every complexion, every event.

  1. Happiness Earrings
  2. Round Ring
  3. Etsy Drop Jade Earrings
  4. Jade Bangle
  5. Esty Jade Headband
  6. Circle Jade Necklace
  7. Love  Ring

Let me know what you gals think?

I <3 SusyJack*

Court is back again with my latest obsession.  Why don’t we use more clothes pins?  I was just pondering that idea the other day when I stumbled upon this site.   This site carries modern, simple pattern office and paper good.  I am loooovin on it.  Call me McLovin??

Most, if not all of the products found at  SusyJack*  come in in 3, 6, or even 9 patterns or colors which is just plain neat!  Not only are their throwbacks bad-to-the-ass, their calendars and common office goods are super eye catching.

  1. Arrow Clips
  2. Wall Calendars
  3. Organizer Magnets
  4. Notebook
  5. Cartlettes
  6. Pencil Cups

Top Lunch Spot: Tiny Boxwood Cafe

I know most of you peeps reading this may or may not live in H-town; however, if you do, or ever get to visit, there is a place you need to check out for a great breakfast or an even more superb lunch: Tiny Boxwood Cafe.

Reasons I LOVE this place:

  • It’s super cute/chic.
  • It’s set in an AMAZING garden.
  • The menu is posted on a giant chalkboard.
  • They make grilled cheese sandwiches with gruyere and pesto.
  • Most importantly, they serve complimentary mimosa’s while you’re waiting in line to order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sundance, Why Can’t I Quit You!

These prices are killing me, but man alive do I want one of each please!

  1. Sundance, Ophelia Blouse
  2. Sundance, Lucinda Cami
  3. Sundance, Aruba Top
  4. Sundance, Isabella Peasant Blouse

Vera Bradley, The New and Improved

I used to work in a small gift type store while I was in school that sold Vera Bradley and I have to admit that I wasn’t a very big fan. It was on the expensive side and reminded me of a purse my grandmother would carry or something. I guess it was the quilting. But, MAN. I don’t know if I’m getting older or if they are getting better because I LOVE this stuff I am seeing lately.

  1. Vera Bradley, All In One Wristlet
  2. Vera Bradley, Let’s Do Lunch
  3. Vera Bradley, Large Cosmetic
  4. Vera Bradley, Ditty Bag
  5. Vera Bradley, Bowler
  6. Vera Bradley, Angle Tote

Etsy Spotlight: Persnickety Pelican

Today’s Etsy Spotlight is Persnickety Pelican.  They have adorable items that involve such Tipsy loves as wiener dogs, owls, chihuahuas and more.  We have worked with this mother/daughter team on Der’s surprise party and can’t tell you enough nice things about them.  Great to work with on custom stuff!  Go check them out!